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Amharic Fidel - Alphabet Tracing

4.0 ( 480 ratings )
Розваги Освіта
Розробник: Aklile Solomon
1.99 USD

An interactive and colourful way to learn the sounds and shapes of the Amharic Alphabet.

Amharic is a Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia. It is the second-most spoken Semitic language in the world, after Arabic (Wikipedia).

This is a simple app primarily designed for young children however can be use by people of all ages. If you are a parent with young children, you will be surprised how quickly they pick up the sounds and shapes of the Amharic alphabet.

It is designed with a simple principal in mind. One of the best ways to internalize knowledge is to write it down - over and over again.

This app allows the user to hear the sounds and to write/ trace the letters of the Amharic Alphabet by providing an image template for each letter.

The tracing option is not restricted to the image template, allowing users to learn from their mistakes and to try again and again until they get it right.

Let us know how we can improve the app. Your view is important to us.